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Tik Lakdi comes from tropical hardwood species. However, it is a big tall tree born in mixed hardwood forests. It has a leather-like smell when it is fresh. We can find a small whitish flower on the end part of the branches. Moreover, we can see the dark brown and golden streaks inside the wood when freshly cut. After that, the color lightens when it dries. Tik Lakdi is famous for its strength and durability. It is a popular option for both interior and exterior furniture. It is also used for trim, flooring, paneling, and many more places.

G P TIMBER is renowned among Tik Lakdi traders in Gandhidham, Gujarat. We started our journey long years back. After many years of throat-cutting competition today, we have become trusted in this field. We never believed in the money-making business. Moreover, our products are sourced from the key vendors of the market. They have years of expertise, and they are skilled in this domain. Our prime focus is to supply high-end products. We offer complete satisfaction to our patrons.  

Benefits Of Using Tik Lakdi

  • Tik Lakdi is water-resistant; thus, it is easy to move tik lakdi furniture at any season.
  • It has the highest decay-resistant power among all-natural wood.
  • Tik Lakdi is used for boat making, exterior constructions of houses, indoor and outdoor furniture for its high durability.
  • It is carve-friendly wood.

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